Pirated Games Mega Thread Backup (2024)

Required Components:

You will need to install all of these before downloading any games (legitimate or pirated!) to stop games crashing due to missing software on your computer:

Related Subreddits:

Torrent Sites:

You will likely need a VPN to download torrents to avoid receiving Copyright notices from your ISP - unless, your country does not care about piracy. Read more in the VPN section further in this thread. Torrents are P2P downloads - you download from other people who have downloaded the file. No servers are involved.

Direct Download Sites:

Direct Downloads are any normal download. You download the file from a server through a web browser. It is significantly safer to download this way and you will not need a VPN. In some cases, you will need a VPN to access blocked filehost sites (e.g. ZippyShare is blocked in some EU countries). It is recommended to use a Download Manager mentioned further down the Mega Thread to help manage your downloads.

Trainers (Cheats):

Note: these are not for online games. Do not use cheats in online games!


Repacks are highly compressed games, designed for people with slow/limited internet bandwidth. Once you download them, you must install them on your computer which can take a long time due to file decompression.

Release Networks:

Please note, none of these sites provide downloads, only information on Scene/P2P releases. Looking to see if a game is cracked? Check here!

ROM Sites:


Torrent Software:

Direct Downloading Software:


Useful Software:

For Microsoft products (Windows/Office) you can use MAS to activate them.

For Adobe products, visit monkrus.ws.

Useful Browser Extensions:


Tor is NOT a VPN, it will not protect you when torrenting!

Unsafe software:

  • Bittorrent - Same as Utorrent, has ads, trackers, and is unsafe.
  • Utorrent - Same as Bittorrent, has ads, trackers, and is unsafe.
  • CCleaner - Owned by Avast.
  • Avast - Notorious for collecting and selling user data.

Untrusted sites / uploaders:

  • AGFY - scam links
  • Apunkagames
  • IGG Games / PC Games Torrents - they doxxed mercs213 (owner of GoodOldDownloads), package their own DRM in indie games and exploit you for ad revenue.
  • BBRepacks - Fake BlackBox Repacks, contain malware.
  • LoadGames (clone of IGG games)
  • OceanOfGames - High malware risk.
  • nosTEAM
  • xGIROx - repacks contain bitcoin miners.
  • Seyter - repacks contain bitcoin miners.
  • SteamUnlocked / GOG Unlocked - slow downloads, malicious link redirects and uploads stolen from IGG Games.
  • cracked-games - Malware Risk.
  • crackingpatching - Malware Risk.
  • RepackGames - mislabel games and steal releases.
  • Pirate Bay - Malware Risk.
  • Kickass Torrents - Malware Risk.
  • Any site with a scene group name in the URL - SCENE GROUPS DON'T HAVE SITES!
Pirated Games Mega Thread Backup (2024)
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