Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (2024)

Persona 5 Royal adds some additional ways to gain knowledge points without eating into Joker’s precious time. Among these are crossword puzzles, which are available on the table closest to the staircase in Leblanc. Time is money, so anything you can do to save it is worth doing.

Some of these crosswords get incredibly tricky, and missing out on the free knowledge point simply isn’t an option. There’s also a TV quiz show that can boost knowledge further – sometimes with two free points on the very same day! For those of you stumped on some of the tougher brainteasers, we’ve got you covered.

Here are all Persona 5 Royal crossword answers, followed by all Persona 5 Royal TV quiz show answers.

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Where do I find the Persona 5 Royal TV quiz show?

Unlike the crosswords, which are very hard to miss, the presence of the TV show isn’t so obvious.

Behind the counter at Leblanc, just to the right of the sink is a TV that can be examined. This will often be mundane chat that holds no importance, but sometimes there is a quiz show on. When this occurs, you’ll have the option of guessing the answer. A correct answer earns Joker a knowledge point, free of charge.

This doesn’t occur as often as the crossword puzzles, but it’s certainly worth examining the TV every time you get home.

Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (1)

Why can’t I do the crosswords sometimes?

If there is a crossword puzzle laying on the table, sometimes you’ll be denied the opportunity to solve it because there are customers still around.

The solution to this particular conundrum is simple – talk to any customers who are still sat at the tables. After being pestered they will leave Leblanc, so examine the crossword puzzle again and you’ll be able to attempt it. Not great for Sojiro’s business, but at least you can now snag the free knowledge point.

Persona 5 Royal Crossword answers

Here is every Persona 5 Royal crossword answer. Please note the crosswords are numbered and appear in order, rather than based on date. For instance, if you miss the first few crosswords, then the fourth date a crossword puzzle is available will actually start at crossword 1. This guide has the crossword answer and also clarifies the first date this crossword will be available – if the crossword you’re answering doesn’t tally up with the date, it means you missed a previous one.

Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (2)

Crosswords 1-10

Crossword 1 Answer: Semesters

First available date: 4/18

Crossword 2 Answer: Blossom

First available date: 4/27

Crossword 3 Answer: Golden

First available date: 5/2

Crossword 4 Answer: Malaise

First available date: 5/10

Crossword 5 Answer: Gallery

First available date: 5/18

Crossword 6 Answer: Pollenosis

First available date: 5/26

Crossword 7 Answer: Japanese

First available date: 5/31

Crossword 8 Answer: Master

First available date: 6/3

Crossword 9 Answer: Conference

First available date: 6/7

Crossword 10 Answer: Wardrobe

First available date: 6/16

Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (3)

Crosswords 11-20

Crossword 11 Answer: Currency

First available date: 6/22

Crossword 12 Answer: Front

First available date: 6/30

Crossword 13 Answer: Narcotics

First available date: 7/7

Crossword 14 Answer: Vacation

First available date: 7/12

Crossword 15 Answer: Finals

First available date: 7/19

Crossword 16 Answer: Fireworks

First available date: 7/27

Crossword 17 Answer: Island

First available date: 8/3

Crossword 18 Answer: Courage

First available date: 8/8

Crossword 19 Answer: Sunburn

First available date: 8/17

Crossword 20 Answer: Sweltering

First available date: 8/25

Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (4)

Crosswords 21-30

Crossword 21 Answer: Hacking

First available date: 8/30

Crossword 22 Answer: Typhoon

First available date: 9/2

Crossword 23 Answer: Festival

First available date: 9/19

Crossword 24 Answer: Ranking

First available date: 9/28

Crossword 25 Answer: Black

First available date: 10/6

Crossword 26 Answer: Halloween

First available date: 10/10

Crossword 27 Answer: Stalls

First available date: 10/31

Crossword 28 Answer: Reward

First available date: 11/4

Crossword 29 Answer: Bashing

First available date: 11/14

Crossword 30 Answer: Charisma

First available date: 11/28

Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (5)

Crosswords 31-38

Crossword 31 Answer: Influenza

First available date: 12/2

Crossword 32 Answer: Illuminate

First available date: 12/7

Crossword 33 Answer: Approval

First available date: 12/12

Crossword 34 Answer: Christmas

First available date: 12/19

Crossword 35 Answer: Resolution

First available date: 1/14

Crossword 36 Answer: Dionysus

First available date: 1/19

Crossword 37 Answer: Lachesis

First available date: 1/23

Crossword 38 Answer: Orochi

First available date: 1/27

Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (6)

Persona 5 Royal TV Show answers

The TV show answers in Persona 5 Royal are slightly different to the crosswords as these always appear on specific dates. Here is each answer for each date the show is on the TV. Again, it’s best to just check it every day.



TV Quiz Show Answer: B. Using noise to cause distress


TV Quiz Show Answer: A. Queen of evidence



TV Quiz Show Answer: B. Probation officers are unpaid


TV Quiz Show Answer: B. Ordering food without money



TV Quiz Show Answer: B. Joyride, but return the car

Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (7)



TV Quiz Show Answer: A. Ten years in prison


TV Quiz Show Answer: A. Divulging someone’s crimes



TV Quiz Show Answer: B. Me in front of my TV


TV Quiz Show Answer: A. Speaker of the house decides



TV Quiz Show Answer:A. Attempted murder


TV Quiz Show Answer: B. A wanted burglar cannot be free


There’s all the answers you need for the Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzles and TV quiz show. With all of these free knowledge points at your disposal, Joker will be a genius in no time. Due to these options, as well as the classroom answers, knowledge is probably the easiest social stat to max – meaning you probably won’t need to even bother with anything in the game’s winter months.

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Persona 5 Royal - All crossword answers and all TV quiz show answers (2024)


Where is the crossword puzzle Persona 5 Royal? ›

Luckily for you, crossword puzzles occasionally show up on a table in LeBlanc, your cafe home. Successfully answering a question increases your Knowledge stat without taking up any in-game time.

What is a type of outdoor allergy p5 Royal? ›


What are the May blues? ›

The beginning of May, therefore, becomes a time when people tend to fall into a state of depression and experience increased fatigue and an inability to concentrate. Causes of May blues includes: Difficulties adapting to new environments. Struggles to build new relationships.

What is the border between air masses? ›

Fronts: boundaries between air masses. Fronts are boundaries between air masses. Depending on the air masses involved and which way the fronts move, fronts can be either warm, cold, stationary, or occluded. In the case of a cold front, a colder, denser air mass lifts the warm, moist air ahead of it.

Which line seems longer in Persona 5? ›

Between A and B, which line seems longer? - They're the same. April 23rd: Between music, theatre, and chariot racing, which sport did Nero win when he participated in the Olympics?

What happens if you miss a crossword persona 5? ›

If you happen to miss a crossword, no big deal, the same puzzle will just repeat itself the next available night.

What does Wunder mean in Persona 5? ›

First off, the "wunder" part probably means... Wonder. Next, the "kind" part. That's probably... Child. So a "wunderkind" would be... A prodigy.

Where is cP formed? ›

Continental polar (cP) or continental arctic (cA) air masses are cold, dry, and stable. These air masses originate over northern Canada and Alaska as a result of radiational cooling. They move southward, east of Rockies into the Plains, then eastward.

What is cP weather? ›

Continental polar (cP) is not as cold as the Arctic air mass but is also very dry. Maritime polar (mP) is also cold but moist due to its origin over the oceans.

What happens when dry air meets moist air? ›

As warm, moist air mixes with cold, dry air. The relative humidity will increase and water will condense. The boundaries between warm, moist air and cold, dry air is where storms frequently occur.

How do I get the newsday crossword puzzle? ›

Where do I find the daily Newsday crossword puzzle? The puzzle is available via or the Newsday app.

How do you get the nyt crossword puzzle? ›

You can access the daily Crossword in print by purchasing a Home Delivery subscription or picking up a copy of The New York Times newspaper at your local newsstand. The daily Crossword puzzles are printed in the Arts section of the print edition of The New York Times Monday through Saturday.

Where is the 777 in Persona 5 Royal? ›

The Triple Seven store is located in Shibuya Central Street down toward the movie theater, which informs how busy this part-time job can get - with Shibuya being a central district in Tokyo, you can bet on Joker staying busy.

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