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Since the day Serenity got hitched to a stranger on their blind date, she had assumed married life would be ordinary but respectful and mundane. It never crossed her mind that her new husband would be clingy like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. To her utmost surprise, he could make her troubles disappear whenever she was in a fix. Despite her questioning, her husband would always pass it off as luck. Until one day, she watched an interview with a local billionaire known for fussing over his wife. That was when she noticed the uncanny resemblance of the billionaire to her husband. The wife whom he was showering attention on turned out to be her!

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  • Married at First SightChapter 3317Zachary laughed. “Alright, as long as you don’t compete with your Aunt Ser for favor, you’ll actually feel really happy because there are so many people who love you. Hurry up and go wash up. When you’re done, bring your bag downstairs and eat something. Later, the driver will send you to preschool. Aunt Ser and Uncle Zak have something to do, so we can’t send you.”Sonny pouted once more but ultimately did not say anything and silently went off to wash up.Zachary returned to the master bedroom and woke Serenity to tell her about Doc appearing with Patrick. Serenity immediately got changed and freshened up as fast as she could, before rushing downstairs and dragging her husband with her.At the Stones’ residence, Clive had just woken his parents up. After learning that Dr. Carden’s teacher was among the ancients visiting, Audrey immediately made to go downstairs but was stopped by her husband.“Audrey, you haven’t changed yet. Since they’ve come here, they can wait downstairs. You
  • Married at First SightChapter 3316The two of them were on the call, but Zachary said he was not talking to Clive. Guessing that Zachary was dealing with Sonny at the moment, Clive good-naturedly did not lose his temper.“You can talk now,” Zachary finally said to Clive. If Clive had not known that his cousin was still sleeping at this hour, he would not have called Zachary. Just listen to his tone—as if he was reporting to Zachary.Holding back his temper, Clive said, “The legendary doctor has brought my grandmother’s assistant with him to visit with a few other old men. They might be the men who dominated the scene back then. Tell Seren about this and if you can make it, come over with her.”“Legendary doctor?” Zachary frowned. “Are you sure?”“No, I’m not. I asked Remy to come over to confirm because he’s seen him before, but I don’t think they would lie. I don’t think anyone would easily dare to impersonate them. Their disciples’ network spans the whole world.”Silver specialized in intelligence. His disciple h
  • Married at First SightChapter 3315Doc explained on Patrick’s behalf the real reasons he had been unable to avenge Tiara for the past few decades. Patrick was agitated as his tears streamed down his face out of guilt toward his matriarch and he began to cough violently.Doc hurriedly took out the medication he took with him everywhere, shook two pills out of the bottle, and made Patrick swallow them as he said, “Don’t get so excited, Patrick. We haven’t even gotten to meet your little miss Audrey yet.”The others also kept comforting Patrick and told him not to get overly excited. Once he took the pills and had some water, Patrick calmed down. Clive was very nervous too, worried about the old man’s health.He had never met Doc before but knew of his abilities and how Dr. Carden was his eldest disciple. Dr. Carden had helped Camryn recover her eyesight and Doc was pretty much the Johnsons’ in-law, while the Stones were also in-laws with the Johnsons. Due to this convoluted form of kinship, they could not be neglectful
  • Married at First SightChapter 3314His face was full of wrinkles and only looked somewhat similar to the portrait Audrey had drawn of him from memory. It was no wonder Julian had not been able to find him. Audrey had not been able to remember what he looked like very clearly, so although the portrait was lifelike and drawn well, it was of no use since he was drawn in the wrong likeness. Was he Tiara’s outstanding assistant?“May I know your names?”“That’s not important. It’s been decades since anyone asked for our names, so we don’t quite remember them anymore,” the legendary doctor said. “You can just call me Doc. Mr. Stone, I’ve been a doctor for decades and have been labeled ‘the genius doctor’ among others. Lilian Carden is my disciple. You must have heard of her.”He introduced himself first. At Clive’s age, it was very unlikely for him to know of the legendary doctor, but he must have heard of his disciple Dr. Carden, who successfully treated Camryn’s eyes.“Mr. Stone, we don’t like beating around the bush ei
  • Married at First SightChapter 3313Alice laughed. “Of course. If we manage to get on Quinn’s good side, it’ll be just the same as getting on Julian’s good side.”As the eldest daughter-in-law of the Stones, Alice had no need to curry favor with anyone, but she still wanted to forge ties with Julian’s wife. There would always be a need for the Buchams at some point.For example, they had only managed to get the Buchams to help now through Zachary’s connection. The rich madams of the upper class mostly had ulterior motives for keeping in touch, apart from the rare few who were truly friends. The rest were just using one another.“Hurry downstairs and see if the old people who came are scammers.” Alice then turned to coax her son softly. “Elias will fall asleep really quickly. I’ll sleep a little longer with him. There’s no need to wake me for breakfast. You have to eat something before you head to the office.”“Okay.” Clive leaned close to kiss his beloved wife on the cheek before tenderly touching his son’s face. He
  • Married at First SightChapter 3312Elias quickly became full. Clive carefully handed him over to Alice to carry before calling Julian to see if he had any news of that old assistant’s whereabouts.Julian replied a little sheepishly, “We still have nothing even after searching for so long. Mr. Stone, I suspect the person you guys are looking for isn’t among the living anymore.”There were plenty of old people in their seventies or eighties, but old people in their nineties were much rarer. The person Audrey was looking for was almost a hundred years old, which was why Julian thought he might be dead.Very little information could be found on him also because all of this had happened decades ago. This made it very difficult for them to find him. Audrey did not even remember what that person was called anymore. All she remembered was whenever she saw him as a kid, she would call him “uncle”.She did not even know his surname. How was Julian supposed to find him? The Buchams had a powerful information network, but they
  • Married at First SightChapter 3311“Dear, who was it?” Alice rolled over when she heard the phone ring and sat up too, leaning toward her crying son to pick him up.“Don’t pick him up, love. If you do, he won’t want to drink the formula I made for him.” Clive hurriedly stopped his wife. “The kiddo’s really fussy. Once he smells you, he’ll refuse to drink his formula.”Alice saw that Clive had already started preparing the formula, so she did not pick their son up. It was fine for him to cry a little.“Gabe called and said a few elderly men came by looking for Mom. Apparently, they’re the ones Mom’s been looking for all this while,” Clive said as he made up a bottle of formula. “I don’t know if it’s true, but I asked Gabe to receive them first. Once I’ve fed Elias, I’ll head downstairs to take a look.” “Is the person Mom’s been looking for that really capable guy who assisted your grandmother back in the day?” Alice knew all about Audrey’s family background and the grudge against the Fisher family. She also knew tha
  • Married at First SightChapter 3310Clive’s son, Elias, was crying. Clive walked around the room with Elias in his arms to calm him.Alice did not even open her eyes. She asked, “Is he hungry? Or did he poop?”“I think he’s hungry. You can continue sleeping, love. I’ll coax him and give him some formula. He’ll be asleep until about nine after drinking the formula.”Alice hummed in agreement. She turned around and went back to sleep.Although they had a nanny, the nanny could only carry Elias when he was asleep. If she tried carrying him when he was awake, he would start crying within minutes.It was because he needed to smell his mother’s scent.Therefore, Alice would look after Elias during most of the day. Luckily, he was a good boy too whenever Audrey and Elisa helped out. Otherwise, Alice would have died from exhaustion.Elisa often praised Elias for knowing how to differentiate family from other people. He never cried when his family members carried him.However, he would break into tears immediately in his
  • Married at First SightChapter 3309Patrick’s attempts to return and avenge Tiara had been stopped by the legendary doctor and the rest.They said there was no one to be the next matriarch even if his revenge was successful, unless he could find Tiara’s daughters. Thanks to Silver, Patrick finally received information about Tiara’s daughter.After discovering Audrey’s location, Patrick had wanted to rush over to find her. However, he was unable to do so due to his weak constitution.The legendary doctor had spent a lot of time improving his health. Patrick wanted to meet Audrey, the Fisher family's youngest miss back then, as soon as possible due to his old age. He wished to tell her everything he knew and pass on some evidence he had to her.He felt regretful for not being able to avenge Tiara.Therefore, he had to hand over this responsibility to Audrey.From what his friends told him, one of Tiara’s daughters had died in a car accident over ten years ago and she left behind two daughters. Her in-laws were crue
  • Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei - A Review of Billionaire: Love Against All Odds
  • Casada a Primera Vista: La historia de amor romántica entre Serenity y el millonario Zachary

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Married at First Sight is a sweet and funny romantic comedy about a wife and her doting husband. Serenity surprisingly got hitched by a stranger during a blind date. Her husband is overly affectionate to the point of obsession. He is like a prince who comes to her rescue on numerous occasions. And much to her surprise, seeing on television, she found out the truth. No wonder she lives like a princess. Her husband is an authentic billionaire. Is this someone's idea of a joke?

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Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (18)


The most captivating story I’ve ever read.Thank you for your expertise.I’ll continue to read this story to the end.Looking for other stories you have published as well.

2024-07-06 01:06:53


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (19)

Susan Hodgkins

This book is interesting with a variety of characters, settings and plot twists. I am enjoying reading it. Sometimes pronouns are inaccurate or the wrong game used which is distracting and annoying.

2024-07-05 01:57:56

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (20)

Natalie Roberts

great story. I just wish more was available to read ...

2024-07-03 03:42:18

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (21)


Love this book

2024-07-02 23:04:47

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (22)


I have read this book from the beginning, and it amazing.

2024-07-01 06:16:10


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (23)

Emily Regente

Why sobrang iksi ng bawat chapter wala na po akong pang top up

2024-06-30 19:31:30

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (24)

Mary Jane Chinyere

please how do I vote?

2024-06-30 15:28:58

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (25)

Mary Jane Chinyere

my favorite

2024-06-30 15:28:31

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (26)

Arien Ann Pepito

It teach us lesson about life and marriage, betrayal and loyalty. I really love Serenity, Zachary and Nana's character.

2024-06-28 11:02:40

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (27)


I love it … but how can I unlock the chapters

2024-06-26 19:55:33

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (28)

Abhi Raj

A very nice Female oriented drama with a dedicated husband and family. It's really a very awesome book I recommend to the romantic book lovers...

2024-06-26 14:17:59


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (29)

Yulonda Page Donnell

love the story. But it's going to cost a small.fortune to read all of it.

2024-06-25 13:55:14


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (30)

Christina Brown

I really like this book but it seems to be never ending. There are so many open storylines and the chapters are ridiculously short. When and how is this book going to end? It is a good read though!

2024-06-23 23:15:17


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (31)

Menidin Mercy Major

wow lovely story

2024-06-21 23:15:11

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (32)

Lyn P. Gayod

Dear author! Do you have plan to end your book? U repeat a lot. I lost interest to continue reading!

2024-06-21 03:16:40


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